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If you want to book some classes to learn to surf or you need a Surf Coach in Fuerteventura to improve your Surfing, I can help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is it safe to surf in Fuerteventura?

Yes, it is safe to surf in Fuerteventura if you are accompanied by a responsible and professional monitor, as surfing is a risky sport.

At Evolution Surf Fuerteventura we minimize risks to the maximum, we never go into the water without previously learning the safety measures and our monitor is always at your side, that’s why they are individual or small groups.

Do you also have accommodation in Fuerteventura?

We do not have accommodation but we provide you with these reliable links so that you can book accommodation in Fuerteventura.

The Guest House

Located between the picturesque village of Majanicho and the multi-ethnic town of Lajares, it is the perfect base to quickly reach the best surf, kitesurf and windsurf spots in the north of the Island.

Ola Cotillo
Ola Cotillo! is located on the seafront, in the seaside town of Cotillo, north of the island of Fuerteventura



How to make a Reservation?

Very simple, you can talk by email or by phone, whichever is more comfortable for you and we will give you the steps to follow.

What if I book my class and the weather is bad or there are no waves?

Do not worry, in general in Fuerteventura the weather is very seldom bad for surfing.

Regarding the waves, we always have availability and conditions in some area of the island.

Also if the case were to happen one day, believe me that with our dry teaching system with Drysurf you will not regret it because you will take advantage of it as much or more than a day surfing.

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