Welcome everyone to my blog. I am a Surf instructor and Sports Instructor Drysurf Training System.

I just updated my WebSite Evolution Surf Fuerteventura and this is my blog presentation post.

A blog in which I will share tips on surfing techniques, surf training tips that have helped me a lot. Also experiences lived in Fuerteventura with my students.

For me, surfing is a lifestyle, which I express with Evolution Surf Fuerteventura.

I enjoy my work as a Surf Coach teaching Surf classes in Fuerteventura, both at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Also I teach surf lessons to both children and adults, tourists and residents.

I enjoy transmitting my experiences and the sensations and techniques of Surfing.

Surf coach en Fuerteventura
Mauro Gascó Surf Coach

Why Evolution Surf Fuerteventura?

My experience surfing in Fuerteventura, and unfortunately like all surfers from some injuries over the years, have made me create a unique work system that really generates a significant evolution in your surfing.

The idea of transmitting and raising awareness among all those who practice this sport to follow some training guidelines and how to surf to avoid injuries, has made me create Evolution Surf and this blog.

My professional relationship with Miguel Angel Lindoso at the CSD Health and Sports Center who treated me for some injuries (which I thought would never let me surf again) proposed me to collaborate on a system to reinforce surf training and help avoid and recover injuries.

Well, we worked to create the Functional Balance tool so that it could improve the physical preparation of surfers and prevent injuries.

Now it is the basis of my surf classes because it is essential to gain confidence and security, essential for beginners and for tourists.

Drysurf is impressive to improve the maneuvers of a surfer of intermediate or advanced level, because when transferring it to the water your brain does not forget anything.
You will feel the difference!

Training Takeoff with Drysurf
Takeoff after Drysurfing

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